Saturday, 11 June 2016

The frustrated engineers

What according to you is engineering?Why most of the student quit at the starting or in the middle?

While some believe it’s their way of earning money, for others it’s their passion. There are also people who take up engineering as a commitment to their parents, while some pursue it out of peer pressure and frustration.

There is not one but many reasons for anyone who tend to choose engineering as their career option. But remember, choosing this stream is quite an easy task but working hard to make a successful career out of engineering is not everyone’s cup of tea.

A lot of engineering aspirants explore the actual meaning of engineering only when they start pursuing the stream. However, there are a bunch of students, who already know exactly about what and how life would be at their chosen engineering college even before they start their journey.

Here is the different meanings of engineering and how opting the field can affect your life.

There are innumerable trolls – related to engineering and engineers - going viral online. But, here are some you can’t miss. All of these created by the engineering lads behind the a FB page.

1. Once you start pursuing engineering, you start believing that your future is all set. But just right then, reality hits you hard and you then realise that after engineering, the engineer starts thinking what to do in the future.

2. It doesn’t matter if you were a bright student at school. Because, happiness is only when you achieve 35% in exams at your engineering college which is at par with an A+++.

3. Completing graduation in engineering is miles apart when you actually start studying it. But, there definitely comes a time and a day when you actually graduate.

4. You would not understand the real importance of team work which you have studied in books so far unless you appear for engineering exams. Remember, according to engineers, team work is the only way you can pass your exams.

5. The principles of self-study are not applicable in engineering as the resultant value of these become void.

6. Even after studying for months and weeks for your semester exams, the night just before the exam feels like a nightmare.

7. Everything is fair in love and war. A healthy competition always prevails in engineering studies and love that pops up during these years.

8. You cannot expect your director of the college to have a friendly chat with you. If you are being called for a lecture, then better be ready to meet a grumpy director.

9. Buying chemicals, vessels, tubes, etc. for your laboratory class is similar to buying groceries for home such as fruits, veggies, pulses, etc.

10. Fun classes are a myth in engineering degree.

11. If you are the only GJ breaker in your class, then get ready to bear comments from your classmates.

12. Favouring your friend with a proxy in a class during your engineering studies is like offering water to a thirsty person in a desert.

13. Canteen is the only place where the real talent of engineers are explored.

14. Attaining 75% in engineering is a delusion. Now you can imagine what a 100% attendance could mean to engineers.

:- choose your career properly keeping all the facts and the challenges in mind, work hard achive your goal excel in your path serve the best help nation to grow